The modelling tool and all outputs, including maps, tables, and statistics, are experimental and represent the efforts of an ongoing research project. As such, map results should only be used for reference purposes.

The authors and ABMI assume no liability in connection with these information products or services. While every effort is made to ensure the information contained in these products and services is correct, the ABMI disclaims any liability in negligence or otherwise for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of reliance on this material.

About the Portal

This portal allows users to explore how ecosystem services are distributed across Alberta.
The simulation models represent natural and human processes to understand how and where ecosystem
services are generated. For some ecosystem services, we have also estimated their economic value.

To date, we have mapped water purification, pollination, timber production and carbon storage, and biodiversity.

To use the mapping portal

1. Review the disclaimer and click “I understand and agree to the above” if you agree. Then then click “Model Setup” at the top left side of the screen.
2. Choose a watershed region of interest and ecosystem service model under “Model Setup”.
3. Next, you can change some of the sliders (except for the Biodiversity model) to explore different simulation times, natural resource product prices, and other model input parameters.
4. The model will then take a few moments to run, and produce an output map as well as some summary statistics.
5. Use the “Model Results: Data” link to view and download tabular and spatial output. Map outputs are produced at an approximately 10km2 hexagonal grid.

For More Information

All models have been developed and programmed in the open-source, freely available platform NetLogo.
General information on each of the models is available here.

Please contact Tom Habib (thabib@ualberta.ca) for more information on models or to obtain the input data
and model code files. Note that although this portal runs these same models, only a subset of parameters is adjustable
online in order to reduce complexity.

Additional functionality will be added to this mapping portal in the future - stay tuned!

The ecosystem services models were developed in collaboration with Silvacom, Green Analytics, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures, and the ABMI Science Centre.
Core funding has been provided by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, ALberta Innovates Technology Futures, and the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.
Model Setup

Select your region of interest and the ecosystem service for which you would like to run a model.

Model parameters will appear – you can move the sliders to change the values.

Map Layers

Model Result Layers

run model to get outputs
Each hexagonal grid cell in the output map represents an approximate area of 10km2.
The ability to download map images is currently unsupported.
To save a map image for later viewing, please use your computer's Print Screen function.
run model to get output data